How to export to Brazil


Before exporting to Brazil, it is quite important to know and understand the requirements of the Brazilian market and Regulatory Agencies, which may involve the need for registration, certification and even the adaptation of your product...


1st step: Understanding the Regulatory Agencies


Brazil has several Regulatory Agencies with enough power to allow, or not, the export or import of a range of products. You may have heard about some of them: Anvisa, Inmetro, MAPA, Ibama, Suframa, Anatel, COMEXE, among others.


These Regulatory Agencies have their own legislations, which must be complied with before exporting or importing a product.



2nd step: Company and Product compliances


Some products have mandatory registrations and certifications within the Regulatory Agencies, and without them you will not be able to export to Brazil. In some cases, even the company must comply with some requirements, such as Good manufacturing practices (GMP) or inspections.


As Brazil has several Regulatory Agencies, it is sometimes difficult to know which one manages your product. And this is where we join you to help.



3rd step: Which products must be analyzed?


In order to give accurate information, we need to know your product and your company well. But, generally, registration and certification are mandatory for: Health and hospital products, Food and beverage, Fauna and flora, Toys, Telecommunication products and wireless technology, Chemicals, Appliances, Personal protection items, Products for babies and children, vehicles and other means of transport, among others.



4th step: Company and Product analysis


After knowing better your product and your company, we check all the requirements you must comply in order to export to Brazil. We inform if your product and your company is subject to registration, certification or adaptation, and, if so, we help you to achieve it to be able to export to Brazil.



5th step: Sales and distribution channels


 Before starting your commercial prospecting, it is essential to know the sales and distribution channels for your product in Brazil. Some products are usually imported by distributors and wholesalers, but others can be imported directly by retailers. It is also crucial to understand where and by whom your product is usually sold to the final customer.



6th step: The price of your product in Brazil


Another essential task is to know how much your product will cost in Brazil, as well as to check if your price is in accordance to the market price and to know the competition prices.



7th step: Commercial Prospecting


 After knowing better the Brazilian Market and its dynamics, it is time to start the commercial prospecting. We can also help you in this step, by mapping potential importers and arranging Virtual Trade Missions (VTM) with the interested ones.


Written by Eduardo Vidal

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eduardomelovidal/